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Abigail Ercoli - Counselor LCPC, LMHC

    Therapy is an opportunity for you to make the improvements in your life that are necessary or desired to meet your goals. Therefore I utilize many different approaches and sessions are geared toward your needs so you can see the outcome you desire. I work with individuals, families and couples dealing with various issues from working through everyday issues to chronic mental health issues. I believe in the process of counseling and believe it has to be individualized toward the client not the therapist. I look forward to working with you to help you reach your goals.
    One of my specialities is helping people work through traumatic events. There are many experiences that are traumatic to people and understanding how the event impacts your life is essential to begin working through your issues, this is often long process but will lead to a more fulfilled life.
    My practice is located within a medical group and there is access to many medical providers and specialists to assist with various concerns.

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Sandra Moran - Counselor, MS, LMHC

    I have been working with people most of 20 years. I am an existential therapist that uses all theories to understand and help my clients, I have worked with both children and adults, one on one therapy, play therapy and Art therapy. I work with parents of children and adolescents. I am familiar with RAD, DBT, and psychotherapy. Individual, family and couples. I work with body, mind and spirit and mindfulness of living in the now. I am familiar with DCS and the juvenile courts.
    I have been working very much with couples and this has become a growing interest for me. I have always loved working with adolescents and older children .
    I am a Reiki master/teacher . This works with energy healing and helps me to understand and work with some people at a higher level, that works for me, to understand what someone is going through, I am also an ordained minister.

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